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Hey there, and thanks for stopping by :)

I was born and raised in rural Manitoba, Canada...a university grad majoring in economics and business management. I'm a past "traditional bricks and mortar" business owner, a singer-song writer, and most importantly...I'm a stay-at-home Dad!

Back in 2010ish I decided to downsize things, and move everything HOME, to enable me the time and the means to be there to raise my two kids. And believe me, it wasn't an easy decision...to give up a business I had built from scratch. But in all honesty, I was already growing tired of trading my time for money, and I knew that it was time, and that I needed that change for ME and my family.

I always knew that the key to creating myself personal and financial freedom would be found in the development of a residual income, and from all my years of business experience and the school of hard knocks...I also knew that I had to implement systems, to make it all happen!

You see, SYSTEMS WORK...

No matter if I was managing employees or inventories...the bank account or the balance sheet, having systems in place had  always improved efficiency, saving me time, and improving the bottom line. So working from home, I developed and implemented similar systems...and because of that, it didn't take me long to realize that personal and financial freedom  I was looking for...and believe me, other friends and parents were noticing, and asking me, what it was I was doing!?

You see,
I never seemed to miss a kids' event, a parent-teacher meeting, or a ball game. No matter what time of day or day, or day of the week it was...I was always there! And, I always seemed to have that time freedom to travel, to write and record my music, attend my favourite professional sporting events, and most importantly, be there for those who mattered the most to me.
SO this is exactly why I developed OurIncomePlan....
To provide a simple way to share with others, so they too can generate their own personal and financial freedom!

A simple system, designed specifically to develop a monthly residual income for anyone who gets started and follows, creating themselves that life on their terms. It's easy, and just makes sense.

So what about you?
Are you seriously looking for more? More out of life? More time and more income? So take a closer look...everything is step-by-step, and all right here! It's exactly what i do.

Learn how it all works, and start living life on your terms today!

Thanks for reading and taking the time. I hope to talk to you soon.

Kevin Johnson

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